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1 - This Blog is used to give a credit of college or universities by student, ex-student, staff and visitors.

2 - Please give a good (or bad) credit of your college. For us, better give bad comment. At least people outside there can choose which college or university is better. It will help us to slaps management of that college also. Hope after this college wouldn't be cruel to us!

3 - You're "BebasBersuara" to expose your expression!

4 - Now we are still under construction. We will update this blog as soon as possible to ensure visitor can leave a message.

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How to Give Credits to College?

You are advice to use this template. Please make sure you mention about :

1) Accommodation
2) Facilities
3) Finance/ Loan (including insurance or anything)
4) Management
5) Link to college (eg: if available

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Politeknik Johor Bahru

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